Kowhai Street Garden

Given that this garden was primarily a space to be viewed as opposed to an active, functional space and given our clients interest in art, our solution was to develop this area as a themed sculpture garden, fully integrated into the existing setting. The particular theme we developed for the sculpture garden was that of a miniaturised an abstracted interpretation of a mountain stream that┬áslices through a gorge, out into the open fields and pastures beyond. The stream is represented by a dry creek bed of decomposed granite. The ‘gorge’ is represented by a clad platform or ‘plateau’, one section of which is planted with black mondo grass, while the other section is a concrete plinth faced with alternating bands of coloured glass. The open field and pastures are represented by undulating mounds of zoysia grass. A metal fabricated screen establishes a visual terminus to the composition at the point where the stream appears to originate from within the existing garden setting. The screen has been designed to filter rather than block views into the neighbouring bushland.