Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects is a dynamic firm of talented Landscape Architects committed to ensuring that every project we are involved with is enthused with a design flair for which we have become renowned. We have a low boredom threshold. Churn them out, mass produced landscape designs are not our style. The success of the business has been our ability to come up with individual & fresh designs, pushing boundaries where we can & always searching for the best site specific design solution.


This approach has led over a period of 30 years to the creation of landscapes of enduring quality & style. Our work has won numerous awards, is regularly published in books on landscape design as well as in industry journals & lifestyle magazines.


Jeremy Ferrier BA. GDLA, AAILA

Director/Principal Landscape Architect

Is a qualified Landscape Architect with over 30 years’ experience. The last 28 years has been spent as the Principal of Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects Pty Ltd. During this time he has personally overseen the design, documentation and contract administration of a diverse range of projects covering almost all areas of Landscape Architecture in all parts of the country. Jeremy’s design flair is underpinned by an enthusiastic and talented team of young designers.

Jeremy’s particular passion has been to explore the link between ‘art’ and ‘landscape’ blurring boundaries between the two to create landscapes that are infused with an underlying artistic expression.

Renee Moynihan BBE (LA) GDLA

Senior Landscape Architect

Renee has been working at Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects for over thirteen years. She has been involved in and supervised a broad range of projects from conception to completion including School projects, large and small scale residential, commercial precincts, playgrounds, urban design, revegetation works and mixed use developments. Renee’s inspiration within the field of landscape architecture has developed from her love of art (in particular sculptural form and patterns) and how it can be merged harmoniously into the environment to add aesthetic, functional and education value to the landscape.

Renee holds a Bachelor of Built Environment (Landscape Architecture) and a Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture (GDLA) from Queensland University of Technology.

Jess Merrett

Project Landscape Architect

Jess has been involved in a diverse range of projects including educational, commercial, residential and revegetation works from concept stages through to completion.

She is passionate about sustainable design and creating landscapes that meet the needs of the users while inspiring them. Jess is a proficient draftsperson insuring projects are easily and clearly communicated and coordinated through the documentation phase.

Jess holds a Bachelor of Design (Honours Landscape Architecture) from Queensland University of Technology.

Vicky Nguyen

Landscape Architect

Samuel Hartog

Graduate Landscape Architect

Lisa Ferrier

Office Manager


Landscape Architecture & Urban Infastructure Award
Logan Urban Design Awards
Anglican Church Grammar School—Prep Play Project
Kidsafe National Playscape Design Awards
National Edna Walling Award for Residential Designed Landscapes—”An Artist Garden”
National AILA Project Design Awards
Design in Landscape Architecture—Residential—”Inner City Garden”—Commendation Award
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards
Design in Landscape Architecture—St. Aidan's Anglican College—"The Art Quadrangle" - Merit Award
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards
Residential /Garden Design—Merit Award—An Artists Garden Kenmore
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards
Landscape Design within Building or Infrastructure Setting—Merit Award—Springfield College Stage 2
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards
Sole Practitioner's Award
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards
Landscape Design within Building or Infrastructure Setting Merit Award—St. Mary's College
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards
Residential / Garden Design Award—St. Lucia Garden
Qld. AILA Project Design Awards