About Education Projects

Over the past 30 years we have developed an expertise in the design of school grounds. We understand how school’s function. What is important, what is not. We have used that knowledge to design Landscapes that are not only visually stunning but are functional, cost effective, environmentally sustainable and easy to maintain. With fresh and innovative designs, we have changed the face of many of Queensland’s older schools as well as master planning the future for new emerging schools.

Along the way we have found designing schools to be a rewarding experience. The school we began with 30 years ago are still with us today. To be actively involved in a school’s development and progress over such a long period of time is both personally and professionally rewarding.

Garden Design

About Garden Design Projects

Over the years we’ve won numerous awards for our garden design projects both at a state & national level. Our work has been published in books on contemporary garden designers as well as in Industry journals & lifestyle magazines all around the world. We like to take our clients a little bit out of their comfort zones to deliver outcomes that are ultimately richer & more rewarding as a result of the trust they’ve placed in us.


About Play Projects

The concept of ‘play’ & playgrounds has changed so much over recent years. The importance of play being considered a vital part of a child development is now well understood which has led to a much greater exploration of how a playground should be formed & function. We have been at the for front of designing exciting play environments that are full of adventure, physically challenging, that blur the boundaries between the indoors & outdoors, that stimulate the sense and encourage interaction & exploration with the wonder of the natural world.

Aged Care

About Aged Care Projects

We have been involved in the successful delivery of many Aged Care projects over recent years. We understand the needs of the aged from the stringent requirements of dementia gardens (total security, paths with destinations and strong landmarks, and close connections to a residence or unit) through to the increased opportunities and expansiveness for landscapes associated with independent living.

We envisage for future projects increasing the scope for landscape settings previously associated only with such entities as resorts, country clubs and town squares being intimately woven into the fabric of aged care to create a much more enticing and enriching environment for the elderly to live.

Residential Apartments & Communities

About Residential Apartments & Communities Projects

We strive to create external environments that people enjoy to be in, that are functional for their use, that are beautiful to look at. They need to be sustainable, practical & easy to maintain. Each project is assessed on its merits so that a site specific rather than a generic outcome is achieved that gives each community its own a sense of place.


About Commercial Projects

Whether in the public realm or the private sector, whether the project is large or small we strive to come up with individual & fresh designs, pushing boundaries where we can in our search for the best design solution. We listen closely to clients to create landscapes that tell their story rather than ours.

Artwork & Installations

About Artwork & Installations Projects

Our focus as an office has always been design orientated & in particular has explored the connection between art & the landscape. As part of this process, as well as collaborating with other artists, we’ve also enjoyed designing & creating our own works of art. This art work  has ranged across a broad range of mediums from mural walls, mosaic inlays to sculptural pieces & installations that often formed the focal of the finished landscape.